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  • +What Is High Pressure Die Casting ?

    High Pressure Die Casting: Pressure die casting is a repetitive process casting identical parts by injecting Aluminum into metal moulds at pressures in the order of 1000psi. Complex machinery and expensive tooling is required for this process.


    Production rates may be in the order of 200/ Hr

    Thin wall thickness at 1 - 2.5mm

    The best surface finish is produced by this method

    Very fine grain structure is obtainedThe castings have high strength in the as-cast condition

    Good linear tolerances and repeatable properties are obtained


    Size of castings limited by the machine

    Sound, thick sections are difficult to cast

    Core configuration may be complex to enable disassembly

    Porosity may become a concern

    High start up costs require long production runs to reduce the overall cost

    Castings cannot be heat treated casting weight range 0.01 Kg - 25 Kg

    Approximate economical quantity range > 10,000 per annum.

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