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Die casting material:Magnesium Alloys

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Magnesium Alloys
The element magnesium (Mg) has a specific gravity of 1.74, making it the lightest commonly used structural metal. When used as a base for die casting alloys, magnesium is alloyed with various combinations of elements from a group including aluminum, zinc, manganese and silicon. Other elements present in the alloys are generally regarded as impurities, and maximum limits (expressed as single numbers)
are specified.
The magnesium industry offers several alloys that are widely used for die casting.They are most commonly designated by a system established by ASTM for all magnesium alloys, which covers both chemical compositions and tempers. The first two positions in the ASTM designation are capital letters representing the two major alloying elements, and arranged in decreasing percentages. The letters are followedby numerals indicating the respective percentages rounded off to whole numbers. A letter in the next position indicates a slight variation in composition not reflected in the preceding characters, such as a minor alloying element variation. Temper designations, which normally follow, are generally not used for die casting alloys because porosity in the die casting, even in relatively small amounts, can cause blistering at heat treating temperatures.
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