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Zinc alloy die casting parts wall thickness design

2022.03.24  Share Page +

Zinc alloy die casting wall thickness is a special factor in die casting process.
Casting parts wall thickness is closely related to the whole process specification, such as the calculation of filling time, solidification time and retention time.
On the premise of good technological performance of parts, it can also produce the parts with thinner wall , saving the amount of metal and reducing the weight of the parts.
So zinc alloy die casting wall thickness design is very important.

If the casting wall is too thick, its mechanical properties will decrease obviously.
With the increase of wall thickness, the defects such as internal bubble and shrinkage cavity increase.
The thickness and section uniformity should be minimized on the premise of sufficient strength and rigidity of the casting.
Casting wall thickness is too thin, it will be found that bad filling, difficult to form, easy to produce defects, bring difficulties to the process.
The density of thin wall casting is good, and the strength and pressure resistance of the casting are improved.
Therefore, the zinc alloy die casting wall thickness design is a very important link, reasonable design wall thickness not only saves the cost, reduces the product weight, but also reduces the product defect rate, earnestly achieves considers for the customer.

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