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How to choose a suitable die casting machine

2022.03.25  Share Page +

Choosing the right die casting machine means reducing energy consumption and could produce qualified die-casting parts.

Die casting machines of different specifications are suitable for different molds and products. So, what is the selection principle of the die-casting machine? Here is some rule:

According to the alloy type. When you confirmed the size and production type of the die casting parts, the type of the die casting machine could be preliminarily determined.

Zinc, tin, lead, and magnesium (small) and other alloys should choose hot die casting machines. Aluminum, magnesium (large), copper and other alloys should choose cold die casting machine.
When the product variety is small and the batch is large, the die-casting machine with a high degree of automation and complete equipment should be selected.

After determining the basic model of the die casting machine, determine the model according to the shape size, weight, wall thickness and technical conditions of the die casting parts, and calculate its mold locking force, pressure chamber filling degree, mold space size and die casting energy.

Air injection speed, hydraulic system, control system, and reliability should also be considered after determining the type of die casting machine.
Therefore, the selection of the appropriate die casting model plays a crucial role in the subsequent production.

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