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Application of magnesium alloy die casting in electric bicycle

2022.05.26  Share Page +

Conceptual wisdom&en Chuang Technology|Magnesium alloy electric bicycle,German If Industrial Design Award

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Application of magnesium alloy die casting in electric bicycle

Magnesium alloy die casting is a magnesium alloy formed by adding alloying elements based on magnesium, which is suitable for the production of parts by casting method. Magnesium alloy die castings are mainly used for motorcycle parts, automobile parts, 3C accessories and electrical components.

Effect of die casting magnesium alloy elements

Content change :A1 about 10%,>7%、Zn≥1%、Mg≤5%

Effect on casting properties :Improve liquidi、Improve liquidi、Improve liquidi

Effect on mechanical properties :The strength and hardness were increased, and the elongation decreased

When the content exceeds 2%, it forms thermal brittleness and improves mechanical properties、Improve mechanical properties

Effect of corrosion resistance:Reduce corrosion resistanc、It can reduce the corrosive effects of Fe and Ni、It can neutralize the harmful effects of iron

01 Application of magnesium alloy die casting in electric bicycle

Concept wisdom S9 electric bicycle,The first magnesium alloy integrated die-casting technology: the frame is formed by the integrated die-casting process of thickened magnesium alloy materials. While ensuring the rigid structure of high-strength body, it pursues extreme lightweight, longer electric endurance and more convenient travel.

Three step transverse folding structure(Patent number:2021108474.9.8):Fast folding, compact and convenient, with magnetic suction at the folding place, the structure is more stable, and can be easily put into the car trunk with one hand。

02   EN Chuang technology - magnesium alloy die castings

The whole frame of concept wisdom S9 electric bicycle is produced by en Chuang technology No. 2 Factory (Jiayou precision hardware, hereinafter referred to as en Chuang No. 2 factory). So far, it has provided about 30000 sets of magnesium alloy die castings for the whole vehicle。

Integrated die casting:

S9 adopts a new high-quality material magnesium alloy, and the whole vehicle frame is formed by die casting. It not only solves the common phenomena of irregular weld bead, burr, welding perforation and missing welding of iron frame and aluminum frame, but also improves the imitation threshold and ensures the uniqueness of the product by relying on the folding design of horizontal patent (Patent No.: 2021108474.9.8).

Grinding and polishing:

After die casting, magnesium alloy die castings need to be polished to improve surface flatness, smoothness and geometric accuracy.

CNC machining hole:

CNC precision machining is used to process the bearing hole of the product or assemble the connecting position, and the machining precision is up to 0.01mm.

S9 electric bicycle:

S9 integrates a new design language, and bold lines make the appearance look more sharp and sporty. The frame and wheel hub are made of magnesium alloy materials, and the vehicle mass is only 18.7kg. The ultimate lightweight is the embodiment of the real movement. 16 inch wheel diameter, most of the height and shape can be easily controlled. It is equipped with rear hydraulic device and thickened rubber explosion-proof pneumatic tire to push the riding stability and comfort to the peak.

02 Advantages of magnesium alloy die casting

Concept wisdom "S9" electric bicycle won the German if industrial design award.

As a pioneer in the field of magnesium alloy die casting in China, enchuang technology has accumulated a series of core technologies required for the R & D and production process of magnesium alloy precision die casting products, including magnesium alloy die casting safety production technology, mold R & D design and manufacturing technology, die casting molding technology and precision machining technology. Its R & D and production capacity and product quality are widely recognized by foreign customers.


General manager of conceptual wisdom Shi and general manager of en Chuang technology Liao said that in the future, electric automatic vehicles based on magnesium alloy die casting will be injected into the mainstream market, and the market demand space is huge. As a magnesium alloy die-casting production-oriented enterprise, enchuang technology will make full use of its accumulated advantages and experience in product structure optimization design, mold R & D technology, die-casting finishing production process and surface treatment, and adhere to the product route of innovative magnesium alloy precision die-casting with strong technology and high added value, which is our main direction.

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